Soul Surfer Info

In 2010 Miranda worked with AnnaSophia Robb again as her on-set coach in Hawaii on the Sony Pictures production Soul Surfer.

This film also went to number two at the US box office. Shot for $18 million, Soul Surfer has grossed over $50 million theatrically and opened its iTunes release as the number one download.

  • carrie underwood
    Carrie Underwood Soul Surfer, Winner American Idol 2005

    "Miranda helped to make my first film role a really comfortable experience. She lifted my confidence and guided me with just the perfect effort."

  • annasophia robb
    AnnaSophia Robb Bridge to Terabithia, Down A Dark Hall, Mercy Street, Soul Surfer

    "Leslie could never have come in full bloom without the freedom and life you showed me. You pulled Leslie out of me and I would never have won the award without your help. Thank you so much! I really hope we can do many more films together. I always feel so much more prepared after running the scenes and thoughts with you. You always have such great insights and techniques!"

  • soul surfer
    Rich Peluso Soul Surfer, VP Affirm Films – Sony

    “I truly believe Soul Surfer would not be Soul Surfer without you. Thanks so much for all you’ve done to lift the spirit and performances of our cast.”