• carrie underwood
    Carrie Underwood Soul Surfer, Winner American Idol 2005

    "Miranda helped to make my first film role a really comfortable experience. She lifted my confidence and guided me with just the perfect effort."

  • annasophia robb
    AnnaSophia Robb Bridge to Terabithia, Down A Dark Hall, Mercy Street, Soul Surfer

    "Leslie could never have come in full bloom without the freedom and life you showed me. You pulled Leslie out of me and I would never have won the award without your help. Thank you so much! I really hope we can do many more films together. I always feel so much more prepared after running the scenes and thoughts with you. You always have such great insights and techniques!"

  • soul surfer
    Rich Peluso Soul Surfer, VP Affirm Films – Sony

    “I truly believe Soul Surfer would not be Soul Surfer without you. Thanks so much for all you’ve done to lift the spirit and performances of our cast.”

Soul Surfer Info

In 2010 Miranda worked with AnnaSophia Robb again as her on-set coach in Hawaii on the Sony Pictures production Soul Surfer.

This film also went to number two at the US box office. Shot for $18 million, Soul Surfer has grossed over $50 million theatrically and opened its iTunes release as the number one download.