About Miranda

Miranda is a celebrated acting coach for TV and Film. She helps actors inhabit an authentic emotional world for their character that answers a director's vision. She draws on a wide range of new and established methodologies to tailor an approach specific to each actor. As an audition coach, rehearsal coach or performance coach Miranda works via Skype or in person anywhere in the world depending on client needs.

  • the lovely bones
    Peter Jackson Heavenly Creatures, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Lovely Bones

    “My co-producer Fran Walsh and I employed Miranda to work with us in Philadelphia during the shoot of THE LOVELY BONES as the coach for the young New Zealanders Rose McIver (Lindsey Salmon) and Carolyn Dando (Ruth Connors) as they worked alongside Hollywood stars Susan Sarandon, Rachel Weisz, Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci.”

  • top of the lake
    Jane Campion Bright Star, Top of the Lake

    “For me it is wonderful to have a coach who is sensitive to my way of working and can help the actor rehearse without making her stale. That way I can do all the director-type stuff and know the child is as well-prepared, better probably, than if I was helping her myself. Miranda is great."

  • GarthDavis

    She has an amazing ability to help prepare the actors," Garth Davis says of the in-demand Kiwi, who also helped him prepare his performers for Lion. "In this case, I brought her on to help the extras be really believable and ingrained in their performances, which is something that film-making often ignores. There is a traditional system that treats them as sheep and means they aren't properly directed and engaged and I just felt I didn't want to do that in this film. The extras are very important and the world I was creating was very important to me, so I wanted Miranda to enrich that world by workshopping them and getting them into that space. Also, she's just a great mate and we sometimes have long conversations about the film and throw ideas around. Miranda's a great intellectual co-pilot in that way and just a very special person."